Frank Strazza

Maker of Fine Furniture 

Franks Teaching Schedule USA

I also offer private teaching, if I am in your area giving a class, I can schedule  some time to give private instruction in your shop. Or if you would like me to travel to your place, please send me an email at . I also plan to teach in Europe if there are any venues that would like to host me. 

Florida School of Woodworking

January 8-12Steps into Craftsmanship Part 1

July 29 - August 2Steps into Craftsmanship Part 2 making a Clock

August 3-4 Introduction to handcut Marquetry

September 28 -October 4Build your own Craftsman Rocking Chair

Austin School of Furniture and Design

February 10 - 11Joinery

March 23-29. Build your own Craftsman Rocking Chair

Conneticut Valley School of Woodworking Bob Van Dyke

April 29 - May 3Handtool Joinery Comprehensive

July 15 - 20Building and End Table with a Drawer

October 11-14 Handcut Marquetry 

Center For Furniture Craftsmanship

June 17 -21 Advanced Joinery with Handtools, Featuring Houndstooth Dovetails

Marc Adams School of Woodworking

August 10-11Intro to Handcut Marquetry 

August 12-16 Foundational Hand skills

August 17-18Houndstooth Dovetails