Split Top Roubo WorkBench for the discerning Craftsman

-Custom inlaid lettering

-Walnut accents

-Handcut houndstooth dovetails

-Benchcrafted hardware

Custom Made Roubo Workbenches for Sale

With over 25 years of experience, Frank employs quality and craftsmanship in every workbench, the same attention to detail that you will find in his award winning pieces of furniture.

Let Frank custom build a fine heirloom bench to better improve your woodworking. 

Masterpiece Workbenches

Frank Strazza

Maker of Fine Furniture 

All Beech bench with removable Moxon vise. 

All beech Roubo workbench with "C" series Benchcrafted Hardware.

Custom Violin makers bench with custom Marquetry image, hand inlaid with over 120 pieces of wood. 

Square bench dog for every hole

Split top design with gap stop. 

Sapele Base 

Holly String Inlay

Benchcrafted "M" series Hardware